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10 Ways To The Mountain Of God in Jerusalem

The following are 10 Ways To The Mountain Of God in Jerusalem

#1. Air bus. 40ft towers

#2. An under water tunnel. Sea of Galilee, from  Tiberius to Nazareth,  with three winding up and down ramps, in Tiberius, Nazareth and Jerusalem.

#3. Under ground tunnels. From Haifa  to Erez. Erez crossing to Hebron, south to Beersheba  and Eilat. north to Jerusalem  to Ai and, Jericho, to  Nazareth.

#4. Jordan river  walk. Banyes  Falls  to Zin.

#5. Sky Bridge from Nazareth  to Jerusalem, 90ft sky bridge.

#6. Bullet  tube, Air hockey like  air tube, from Eilat to jerusalem, tel aviv, haifa,yongtan, four tubes.

#7. Boats, from  Eilat through the  Suez Canal to the Mediterranean Sea to Ashdod.

#8. Bus, to Erez super parking lot#.

#9. Car. Erez parking lot.

#10. Under ground train from Tel Aviv to  Jerusalem, and  Eilat  to Jerusalem  underground trains.

Once, Black HEBREWS Israelites  return to Israel from exile. The tribe of Judah and Benjamin , will build our God city and make it look like the garden of eden.


In the year of 2016 and 2017

Jeremiah  33.7-38….. And I will  cause the captivity  of Judah, and the  captivity  of Israel to return, and will  build them,as at the  first. And I will cleanse them from all their iniquity,  whereby they have done sinned  against  me., and I will pardon all their iniquities, whereby they have sinned and transgressed  against  me.

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