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2 Esdras 13:4050
These are the ten tribes of Israel who were taken away into captivity in the time of King Hoshea. King Shalmaneser of Assyria captured them and deported them to a foreign land east of the Euphrates River.
41 But the ten tribes decided not to stay in that land among the many Gentiles, so they moved farther east to a country where no human beings had ever lived before.
42 There they hoped to keep their laws, which they had failed to keep in their own country.
43 When they had to make the difficult passage across the Euphrates,
44 God Most High performed miracles for them and blocked the channels of the river until they had crossed over.
45 Their long journey through that region, which is named Arzareth, took a year and a half,
46 and they have lived there ever since. Now in these last days they are coming back home,
47 and once again God Most High will block the channels of the river, so that they may cross over. That is the meaning of the great crowd of peace-loving people you saw.
48 But they will also have with them all of your own people who are left and who are found within the borders of my holy land.
49 When the time comes for my son to destroy the crowd that has gathered from every nation, he will protect his people who are left
50 and perform many great miracles for them.”

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