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Ways to Praise Our God

Seven Ways to Praise Yah Our God

Do we really understand how to praise Yah our God? Knowing how to properly praise our God will deepen our daily walk with Him.

1. Halal

Means to “shine (or flash brightly), boast, to praise, to act like a fool or madman“.

2. Tehillah

Means to sing, to laud. A spontaneous new song. Singing from a melody in your heart by adding words to it.

3. Zamarr

Means to sing with instruments. To make music accompanied by the voice.

4. Shabat

Means to address in a loud tone, a loud adoration, a shout! Proclaim with a loud voice, unashamed the GLORY, TRIUMPH, POWER, MERCY, LOVE OF GOD.

5. Barak

Means to kneel or to bow. To give reverence to God as an act of adoration. It implies to continual conscious giving place to God. Blessing the Lord, extolling virtue.

6. Towdah

To give worship by the extension of the hand in adoration or agreeing with what has been done or will be.

7. Yadah

Means to worship with the extended hand. The giving of oneself in worship and adoration. To lift your hands unto the Lord.


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